Aluminum Stop Logs have been used for many years to contain water in ponds, tanks, or channels. They are used in applications where their installation or removal is required infrequently. Historically, stop logs have been made from squared timbers as their name suggests. The availability of wood in the sizes, quality and quantity to make traditional stop logs has become increasingly difficult. The lack of dimensional stability in wood also makes it very difficult to provide timber stop logs with predictable leakage characteristics.

Whipps series 509, 510 and 511 Stop Logs are suitable for a large range of channel widths and water depths while providing a guaranteed maximum leakage rate of .05 gallons per minute per linear foot of wetted seal. This series of Aluminum Stop Logs has been in continuous production since 1980 providing an affordable and effective water flow control alternative for many types of projects.


There are many configurations that can be designed to customize stop logs to accommodate stop log heights, channel widths or total water depths. 

All seals are designed to provide 1/8” compliance with the groove sealing surface and also designed to seal correctly when adjacent logs are laterally offset up to 1/2". All seals are stop log mounted for ease of inspection and repair and to eliminate the potential for damage from debris that is always possible when the side seals are mounted in the sides of the stop log grooves.

The Whipps Series of Proprietary Stop Log shapes are normally carried in stock which enables outstanding delivery of stop logs, including custom designs. Stop logs of this type have demonstrated excellent service life in both water and waste treatment plant applications.

Design Features

  • Stop Logs are aluminum (6061-T6), 5/16” minimum thickness and maximum 7600 psi stress.
  • The specially shaped urethane seal attached to the bottom and ends of the stop logs provides an uninterrupted seal at the face of the stop log groove and the joint between the stop logs. The bottom stop log seals with the flush invert of the channel.
  • The urethane seal is sufficiently compliant to deflect 1/8” under normal conditions of installation and wide enough to provide an adequate seal when adjacent stop logs are laterally offset up to 1/2”.
  • All contact surfaces for the stop log seals have a smooth mill finish.
  • Welds on the downstream side of the stop logs are continuous.
  • Adequate drainage is provided for the interior of the stop logs to prevent buoyancy or retention of Water.

Stop Log Grooves

  • Aluminum Stop Log Grooves are one (1) piece aluminum (6061-T6) extrusions with integral concrete anchors for embedded applications. Face mounted and channel mounted applications are also available.
  • Stainless Steel Stop Log Grooves are formed and welded with integral concrete anchors for embedded applications. Face mounted and channel mounted applications are also available.

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